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0athenachan0 Q: WELCOME BACK!!!! :D How was Ghana? Did you have fun? Tell us everything

THANK YOU! It was incredible. Almost seemed like a completely different world. It’s strange how much I have seen and how little time has actually past. IT IS SO MUCH! I’ve visited so much. From staying in the busiest cities I’ve ever seen, like Accra and Kumasi, to sleeping under the stars in a traditional village and chilling in a hammock next to the sea and palm trees everywhere.

I’ve been to a previous slave camp, slave river and Elmina castle and learned so much. But also been on the edge of a lake in which 8 giant elephants were bathing and playing. As soon as I sort out all my photos I’ll post a few :3

It was so amazinggg, but I did miss you <333333

  1. 0athenachan0 said: IT SOUNDS SO COOL!!! Aaahhh I really can’t wait to see some pictures!
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